Traffic Modelling & Surveys

Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd uses a variety of data sources, from traffic counts to Census Data, and analysis techniques to predict traffic generation and its distribution across a network. Results can be plotted to give clear visualisations of traffic movements in an area. Our approach results in the production of realistic traffic assignments and consequently the modelling of these flows provides the most appropriate and efficient mitigation solutions for clients and highway authorities alike.

Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd use the latest traffic modelling software to analyse existing travel patterns and create innovative, practical traffic management solutions for traffic flows predicted in the future.

This includes capacity modelling with industry standard software such as TRANSYT, LINSIG and TRL's priority junction software packages ARCADY and PICADY.

Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd's traffic modelling expertise also includes area wide analysis through microsimulation and the use of the S-Paramics software package. This allows for the assessment of larger scale development where entire road networks are affected. The use of the S-Paramics software also enables a more visual demonstration of traffic movements through the road network for highway authorities and clients alike.

Speed surveys provide data, which enables the design of signalised junctions and crossings and aids in determining the type and extent of vehicle and pedestrian detection required. Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd are thus able to provide this service as a part of the signal design process.

Travel surveys, which assist in determining travel behaviour of motorists and non-motorised users, can be undertaken by Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd to support Transport Assessments and Statements as well as Travel Plans, or as a standalone service.

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