Travel Plans

Travel Plans are becoming an increasingly greater requirement by local authorities to accompany planning applications for new developments.

These plans are prepared as a package of actions to promote safe, healthy and sustainable travel choices and reduce the amount of car travel, in particular, single-occupancy car usage. There are a number of measures that can be implemented to achieve these goals including the promotion of car sharing, Bicycle User Groups and site specific marketing.

These documents can be in the form of workplace, school and residential Travel Plans and are thus tailored to be site specific, taking into account existing public transport and non-motorised user infrastructure within the surrounding area.

The Travel Plan may identify the need for improvement of such infrastructure to promote sustainable transport so as to meet target reductions of vehicular traffic as set out by the local highway authority.

Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd are able to produce Travel Plans in support of Transport Assessments and Statements or as standalone documents for existing developments.

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