Transport Assessments & Statements

With many years of experience gained by our engineers from both public and private sector employment, Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd offer a wealth of expertise in transportation and traffic engineering.

By working closely with our clients, highway authorities and stakeholders in a timely, efficient and friendly manner, Transport Assessments (TA), Transport Statements (TS) and Environmental Impact Assessments are carefully prepared to meet the requirements of planning applications. We have undertaken assessments on many types of development, including: employment areas; industrial estates; residential schemes; schools; and town centres.

We regularly carry out studies on cycle, pedestrian and equestrian routes and public transport services. The ability for vulnerable road users to be able to safely and efficiently use transport are included within all scheme designs. Services are tailored to meet clients' needs and transportation studies can be offered as a discrete service or as part of an integrated package with infrastructure designs.

Worthy of note is the extensive work we have carried out on studies for the Government's Building Schools for the Future (BSF) initiative in Hertfordshire. Not only has this required the study of transport needs for individual schools, but also an overarching town wide review of Stevenage was necessary to ensure its secondary school travel needs are meet in the future.

As stated in the government's National Planning Policy Framework, the purpose of the planning system is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. To this end, encouragement should be given to solutions which support reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and reduce congestion whilst contribute to wider sustainability and health objectives. Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd fully appreciate this need and consequently assesses transportation systems and produce travel plans, including safe routes to school strategies, to meet the sustainable requirements of the development and the local highway authority.

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