Traffic Signal Control

As traffic levels continue to rise and congestion increases, efficient traffic signal control is an essential factor in the effective management of the highway network.

Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd undertake the design of detailed traffic signal layouts and controller specifications for all types of signal schemes from pelican, puffin and equestrian crossings through to signalised roundabouts and junctions. We have experience of all control strategies to control and manage traffic. These include the use of Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC), Cableless Linking Facility (CLF) for linking adjacent signals and Vehicle Actuation (VA). Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation (MOVA) detection and datasets are designed to minimise delays and maximise capacity, both at standalone sites or at linked MOVA sites.

With many years of experience of writing TR2500 controlled specifications for all manner of schemes and site specific requirements, Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd offer a comprehensive specification writing service, together with advice on all other aspects of signal installations.

This service can be provided for an individual junction or crossing scheme, or as part of an area wide transportation study. Detailed designs of mitigation or modifications to existing signalled sites are readily undertaken and these can include interim layouts for different phases of construction.

Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd also undertakes 3D civil design using their cutting edge in-house highway modelling and design software. This therefore allows the provision of a complete signalised junction design service for any type of junction possible.

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