Project example: Kinlet Fisheries, Bewdley

Kinlet Fisheries - Proposed Lake longsection Drawing
Kinlet Fisheries Meadow Pool Plan
Kinlet Fisheries Meadow Pool Cross-Sections

The landowners proposed establishing a unique facility for anglers by constructing a number of fishing lakes nestling in a steep sided valley at Kinlet.

Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd worked in close cooperation with Hankinson Duckett Associates and the Environment Agency in developing a series of five lakes that would allow the fish to mature over a period of years, being transferred progressively over time to the downstream lakes.

The lakes were designed to require minimum change to the valley profile whilst providing suitable high class facilities for anglers.

Kinlet Valley is subjected to very high rainfall events, leading to high rates of run-off over short time periods. Conversely, during dry summers the valley quickly dried out and there was a shortage of water. The design of the lakes sought to overcome both these problems. The rapidly changing storm flows were managed in the hydraulic design of the retaining structures and, by using the uppermost lake as a 'sacrificial' reservior, water flow could be maintained throughout the year - this solution being seen as a major benefit by the Environment Agency.

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