Project example: 3500 Dwellings at Oakley Vale, Corby

Oakley Vale
Oakley Vale
Oakley Vale

Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd are lead consultants on this major development of 3500 houses, plus schools, a City Technology Industrial College and a Science Park. It is located to the south east of Corby and north of the village of Great Oakley.

This site was largely on brownfield land which was worked for iron ore by British Steel some 30 years previously. One major problem left by the iron-ore extraction was the presence of a 76 acres (31 Ha) steep sided 'valley' bisecting the site, which was, to all intents and purposes, undevelopable.

Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd came up with an innovative solution for this site which involved a major earth moving exercise (approximately 2 million cubic metres), which gave a number of benefits:

  • It restored 75 acres to profitable use for housing land.
  • It removed the need for the placement of overburden on the British Steel filled land.
  • The site could be contoured and remodelled to reflect the future use to which the land will be put (e.g. balancing lakes, noise mounds/bunding, landscaped hillocks, housing, etc...)

Wormald, Burrows Partnership, acting on behalf of both landowners, Corby Borough Council and Great Oakley Farms, have prepared a Master Plan of the development, incorporating all land uses identified with the Local Plan and to a road pattern which allows phasing of the development with the infrastructure requirements and land ownerships. The development principles are sustainability, cost effective infrastructure and provision of a high quality environment.

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