Sustainability / Code for Sustainable Homes / Lifetime Homes

Environmental issues have always been at the top of the design agenda for the Partnership. There is now an associated increase in public and Government agency awareness. There is generally less awareness of the contribution that good building design can make to reducing pollution and improving the environment.

The code for sustainable homes has become a integral part of any private housing development and a mandatory requirement for housing association properties. Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd have fully trained engineers with the knowledge and experience to prepare reports and calculations to accompany the SUR1 and SUR2 applications and have a 100 percent success rate in achieving full credit awards.

In addition to the code for sustainable homes, Lifetime Homes are becoming more the norm, with many local authorities requiring a percentage of new dwellings to achieve the 16 design criterion.

The Lifetime Homes Standard seeks to enable 'general needs' housing to provide, either from the outset or through simple and cost-effective adaptation, design solutions that meet the existing and changing needs of diverse households. Again, our engineers are fully aware of the requirements and will readily incorporate them into our designs.

Code for Sustainable Homes Communities and Local Government Lifetime Homes BRE Environmental Assessment Method