Road Safety Audits

Through a process of Road Safety Audit (RSA), new or amended highway projects can be examined to ensure that potential hazards can be removed or mitigated before a scheme is opened to traffic. The process continues with a period of monitoring over three years following the opening of the scheme to establish that the ongoing safety of the scheme is not compromised.

Wormald Burrows Partnership Ltd has carried out RSA examinations at sites in many areas of the country and works with Developers, Highway Authorities and the Police to provide independent advice on both in-house projects and those designed by others.

Experience in all aspects of road safety engineering brings the ability to conduct audits at all stages and to make recommendations that will seek to ensure that efforts to meet national targets on casualty reduction are maintained.

The same pro-active approach can equally be applied to Non-Motorised User (NMU) audits.

We would be happy to discuss all aspects of our Road Safety Engineering capability either as standalone audits or as part of the more general Transport Assessment and Statement studies that are an increasingly necessary part of the planning process.

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